Your Life Plan Online

Get Unstuck! Design the life of your dreams

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Your Life Plan Online delivers a combination of online learnings AND live coaching calls, to give you the support to make it happen

During the course you'll receive access to online trainings each week.

During the live group coaching calls you'll have the opportunity to work with Jodie on designing your dream life with her personalised help.

LIVE COACHING CALLS (put these dates in your calendar now)


-June 9th

-June 16th

-June 23rd

-June 30th

-Jul 7th


-Jul 28th

-Aug 4th


-Aug 18th - New call added!

-Aug 25th - New call added!

🕘 TIME: Thursdays 7-9pm (SA Time)

💻 WHERE: Online (on your mobile, tablet or desktop) Zoom links will be emailed to you

This is THE personal transformation program that gives you everything you need to create a Life Plan, and make your dream life a reality.

Hosted by the founder and creator of The Seven Effect - Jodie Nevid, Your Life Plan Online is like an adventure into your wildest dreams....

Be guided to:

✅ Complete the Life Design process

✅ Get crystal clear on how to close the gap between where you are now

✅ Discover where you ultimately want to be in all 7 elements of life

The program includes lifetime access to an online course that will teach you how to:

👩🏻‍🎨 Design Your Life

-Discover how to use the five step life design process to achieve any goal you want.

-Take a deep dive into your current situation using the Life Audit.

-Work through the coaching questions to uncover what you really want out of life.

-Design your 10 out of 10 version of life and build your 12 month Life Plan.

🧠 Train Your Brain

-Uncover any unconscious blocks that hold you back.

-Unlock the power of your mind and rewire your brain for success.

-Use NLP and self hypnosis technique to program your brain to achieve your goals.

-BONUS - NLP Masterclass with Toni Everard.

🧍🏼‍♀️ Heal Your Body

-Tune in to your body and learn how to give it exactly what it needs to feel naturally energised and alive.

-Make time to nourish and nurture yourself to optimal health.

-Create a customised health and longevity plan that will allow you to feel younger with age.

-BONUS - Overcoming Emotional Eating with Suzanne Ingleton.

🏠 Organise Your Home

-Planning out your ideal environment for home, work and play.

-Embracing the principles of minimalism to declutter and turn trash into cash.

-Transform your home and create breath taking spaces with simple interior design hacks.

-BONUS - Declutter challenge with Bridget

💗 Enhance Your Relationships

-Move from guilt, shame or anger to acceptance, love and peace using the ladder of emotions.

-Build stronger bonds with the people who matter most by understanding them at a deeper level.

-Level up your love life and bring back the romance by balancing the masculine and feminine energies in yourself and your relationship.

Reclaim Your Time

-Decide exactly where you want to spend your time by designing your ideal week.

-Use time blocking to take back control of your diary and days.

-Apply powerful forward planning techniques to ensure you never skip holidays and create a life spent doing the things you love.

💰 Make More Money

-Learn how to make money work for your, so you don’t have to work so hard for it

-Improve your cash flow and increase your net worth using The Money Tracker

-Develop a 5 year plan to set yourself free financially

🔥 Ignite Your Passion

-Get unstuck and kick procrastination to the curb

-Relight the fire in your belly and become intrinsically motivated to get stuff done

-Learn how to use the Love Your Life Bucket List to enjoy your best year ever!

🎯 Start Your Own Goals Club

-Discover the foolproof formula to achieving your ‘impossible’ goals

-Learn how to set up your own Goals Club™ and become accountable with your buddies

-The secret to turning a Goals Club™ into a 6 Figure business

-Plus you'll have lifetime access to the course to revisit as often as you like!

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