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Would you like to be a more effective coach?

The kind of coach who can create change at the root cause and shift the thinking of even the most difficult people? If you've ever struggled to get your team to perform, or you'd simply like to take your coaching skills to the next level then the 2-Day Coaching Masterclass with Jodie Nevid is what you need!

DAY 1 - The Mind of a Master Coach

On day one we unpack your inner mind to remove barriers to success and rebuild your mind as a master coach. Learn to master the art and science of the simple yet highly challenging and effective skill of COACHING!

  • How Master Coaches Change Lives
  • Tuning Into Your Mission & Purpose
  • Developing Your Personal Coaching Style
  • How to Take Common Coaching Practices to Mastery Level
  • Coaching Ethics & Guidelines

DAY 2 Mastery In Practice

Let the games begin as we fine tune your skills and put everything you've learned into practice. By the end of day two, you will be blown away by how much you can learn in just two days of intensive training.

  • Building a Brand as an Effective Coach
  • Developing Your Sensory Acuity
  • Working With Representational Systems to Gather Data
  • How to Use Language to Change Minds and Bend Beliefs
  • Clean Language and the Art of Questioning
  • How to Build Motivation in Others
  • Coaching as a Craft
  • Your Career Goals & Plan

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