Create a year’s worth of content while enjoying a luxury beach retreat

Welcome to The Seven Effect’s Content Creation Retreat!

Experience a 7-night luxury escape at the stunning Beach Huts in Middleton South Australia where you’ll work with the experts to unlock your creative genius. Your team of experts include photographers, videographers, hair and make-up artists, content creators, social media marketers, funnel builders, tech experts and The Seven Effects founder and business coach Jodie Nevid. As a team they will help you plan, create and build an entire year of content marketing gold. In just one week you’ll design and develop a library of high-quality digital marketing assets that would normally cost over $17,000 to build… and you do it all whilst enjoying an all-inclusive 7-night luxury beach retreat.

It’s time to work on your business, not in it!

Are you ready to explode your business reach by taking your content marketing skills and digital assets to the next level? We give you the skills, strategies and experts you need to build a marketing machine that will bring you a flood of new leads and set you up with high quality content for an entire year! Work with the experts in hair and make-up, photography, videography and social media marketing to build your library of epic videos, social media posts, marketing funnels and imagery, all whilst relaxing with likeminded women in business.

Do you feel like:

  • Creating content is like being on a never-ending treadmill.

  • You want to create engaging videos & reels, but don’t know where to start?

  • You’re posting the same thing over and over again because you’ve run out of ideas?

  • Your stories, posts, and articles aren’t getting the same engagement and reach as they once


  • You spend hours creating a post, only to find that the same people (your family and friends)

    are the only ones commenting and liking your posts?

  • You create content, but it never leads to sales?

  • You’ve downloaded all the free ideas lists and content scheduling tools, but it never seems to

    get done?

  • You need good images, but have no-one to take photos and videos of you?

  • You’re awkward on camera because you’re worried about what to say and how to avoid

    looking silly?

We hear you. Content creation can be a challenge, but it’s not going anywhere. Let’s make it fun, because when you do it right, it’s the fastest and easiest way to grow your business

Imagine if you could...

  • Create a year’s worth of content in just one week

  • Build a marketing funnel that collects leads, even when you’re on holiday

  • Use social media to become the go-to expert in your niche

  • Publish content that connects with your ideal client and turns followers into buyers

  • Take the break you deserve, without feeling guilty or letting your business down

All this and more is possible, and we’re going to show you how!

Your Retreat Leader.

Jodie Nevid

Award-winning marketer, content creator and master business coach who specialises in helping women create a life they are wildly in love with a build a business that sets them free. Jodie will help you write copy and create content that converts

Your Retreat Experts.

Jade Philp

Master photographer and content creator who’s cracked the code on how to make having your photo taken fun. Jade will leave with you a library of images that capture your natural beauty and personal style.

Delphine Lahonde

Video journalist, film maker and founder of Kookaburra Films, Delphine will capture your story and turn it into a series of compelling and creative videos.

Rebecca Burton

Adelaide’s go-to gal for women who want to master their make-up and achieve their dream skin with tricks and techniques get your glowing every day.

Weronika Mamot

Editorial photographer praised for brining intimacy and honesty to her work and capturing your feminine energy in a way that’s classic, elegant and artistic.

Adaire Palmer

Adaire is the go-to expert for all things Chatbots! As an agency partner with ManyChat Adaire has been building bots for over 5 years.

Adaire has managed social media and chatbot accounts to generate leads and build communities for many big names in business including Mari Smith and Christy Whitman.

Sue Giacobbe

Life design coach and NLP practitioner who’s mastered the art of helping women ignite their light and create a life of freedom and joy. Sue will be your ultimate wing woman during retreat to ensure your experience is filled with laughter, joy and creation.

Don’t let another year go by wishing for more time to create your content or hoping you’ll miraculously develop the marketing skills you need to grow your business!

Join The Seven Effect’s Content Creation Retreat and bring the fun, creativity, and confidence back into the way you market your business and build your brand